Sitting next to the Gironde, we decide to go for a bottle of the local St-Julien AOC. Which famous wine region are we in? *

Having landed in Paris, we take the TGV to Reims - what local, famous wine will we be tasting? *

We're drinking Touriga Nacional in the Duoro having taken the boat up the river from which city? *

We're driving north bound on route 101 in a soft top Ford Mustang, passing San Luis Obispo. Which wine area are we heading to? *

We're at the Colomé vistor centre, tasting red wines made in one of the highest vineyards in the world - what country are we in? *

After visiting the 10th century Arundel castle, we head off to taste the local, award-winning sparkling wine - where are we? *

We've decided to try the local indigenous red wine made from the Mavrotragano grape - where are we? *

We've cycled across beautiful countryside, and up to a medieval UNESCO World Heritage site. It's famous towers dominate the town's skyline, and we opt for a glass of the local white in the square. What grape is used to make this wine? *

We're staying in Trulli stone huts, can see the sea and have been trying a lot of the local red wine - what is it? *

We're on an island drinking a glass on the local Abona wine - where in the world are we? *