Which fortified wine is aged in wood, and is commonly labelled: 10, 20, 30 and Over 40 Years *

Red and white Burgundy are classic wine matches with Christmas lunch or dinner. What grapes are used in the production of the wines? *

Cheese and wine matching is notoriously hard during Christmas, especially with so many styles. What would be the classic match with blue cheese? *

Many people have Champagne to start the festive day, or to accompany canapes. But what Italian sparkling, made in the Champagne Method, has been making waves this year as an alternative? *

You have a young red wine which you want to drink at Christmas. What's the best plan of action to get the best experience? *

You have a fine white Burgundy for Christmas day. What temperature should you be serving it at? *

Turkey and goose are traditional for Christmas lunch; which wine attribute is the NOT the enemy of both when you are thinking of wine matching? *

Icewine is an indulgent treat at Chistmas, but at what temperatures are the grapes normally picked? *

'Christmas time, mistletoe and wine,' goes the lyric. Where does the singer of the song produce his own wine? *

If St. Nicholas had a bottle of wine in his early life it would have been from his local wine region; but where would this have been? *